Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance is the ability of carrying out of specific physical routine or procedure by one who is trained or skilled in physical activity. Athletic Performance is influenced by a combination of physiological, psychological, and socio-cultural factors.


We define this here because we are an Athletic Performance company that specializes in just that. We are not boxed into only training a certain demographic by age, sex, or sport. Plain and simple, playing any sport is being athletic.

Athletic Performance Programs

​​​​​Team Athletic Performance:

We provide full team athletic performance programs that include, Strength, Conditioning, Injury Prevention, Speed, Agility.

12U Strength Groups:

This is where we separate the younger athletes and less experienced, to create the proper foundation of technique, correcting muscular imbalances or deficiencies they may have.  

14+ Strength Groups:

This is where the older athletes and more experienced lifters have the opportunity to thrive and progress through a rigorous program. We Purposely leave the age of 13 out of the programming, as we view this age year as a critical time the athlete needs to be evaluated on doing the ground base foundation of the 12U programming or has the ability to perform in a modified 14+ group. 



Rehab and Return to Play Protocol:

This is a custom built program, built around the athletes specific injury or needs to return to the playing field.

This is a private one on one setting that gives us the opportunity to see and understand what they are accomplishing throughout their program. We can properly gauge with a physician when we feel they have the ability execute proper strength and movement that release them back to their respected sport. 

Private or Semi Private:

This option gives people who need or desire a more one on one setting and the ultimate custom built programming. 

Adult Fitness:

Our Adult Fitness classes are designed to give the adults the opportunity to train where athletes do! They get to go through a strength program that is in a group setting, yet still modified to their specific individual ability, making it a customized feel. Each adult athlete has a FMS screening and given corrective exercises that they can perform daily in addition to the normal workout programming to help make them feel better and move well.